Welcome to Lunaskennels.com Your one-stop-shop for the very best values the Internet has to offer. So you have a dog or are considering getting one? Below are some tips in helping you and your family pick your new member.
Step 1: What breed best suits your family and environment? Search different breeds and see what temperaments, grooming requirements, compatibility with children, exercise requirements and health concerns each have.
Step 2: Once you have picked out your few favourites, narrow it down to your requirements: Do you have a small or big backyard? Will you have the time to exercise it daily? Is a short haired dog best suited than long haired? Do you have children? Can you afford the outlay for occasional Vet bills? Do you go away on Holidays, if no pets allowed, where will your dog go? Below are some books that can guide you with what breed best suits you and your family.

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